French women over 50 - 4 Fashion Over 50 Tips from Our Sisters in Italy and France

Everyone's asking the question. A Google search of "how to dress like Search France's news in English. News categories Marseille Lyon Toulouse More….

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This is a woman whose style appears to capture the ironic subtleties that are the trademark of many a chic French woman.

Java Academy for Swedbank. So don't be disappointed if you wake up, chuck your clothes on and don't feel like a French supermodel stepping out the door. Magazines and blogs are full of advice on how to get the French look, but some of them are guilty in indulging in more than a few outdated ideas about Gallic style. Finding color in my wardrobe is almost impossible. She seems very comfortable with her style and her clothes and she makes it easy for herself by keeping it simple whatever look she chooses.

A lot has been said about style and women in Italy and France. Do you think there is something about style we can learn from them?

Fashion expert Penelope Whiteley has some insights to share. My guest today is Penelope Whiteley. Penelope is a speaker and an author of four books.

She has traveled around the world and visited 57 countries, and has lived in seven of them. Her mission in life is helping older women to reinvent themselves and to get unstuck from the challenges they face as they make the transition into their 60s.

I am thrilled to have you here. You have previously blogged for us at Sixty and Me , and our large group of women love your articles about fashion and reinventing our new look as we get a little older.

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French women over 50

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French women always seem to stay glamorous in older age . You don't see women in their 50s, 60s and 70s on their pages but you do see. Pin It. Article by Meredith Keeve...