Sociopathic personality disturbance homosexuality in christianity - The History of Psychiatry & Homosexuality

Until the nineteenth century, same-sex sexual activity particularly between men was referred to in Anglo-American texts under the terms "unnatural acts," "crimes against nature," "sodomy," or "buggery. This included masturbation,...

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CNN Here is some background information about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender milestones in the United States.

The entire PDF version of that article can be found here. The first gay pride parades. The Judeo-Christian view of sapphist behavior was dominant in the cultures of Western nations from the 4th century to the midth—a period of some years, and also was, officially at least, the view of the Monotheism, Part 3: Islam The difference between the Old Testament religion of the Law and Islam is not only that the latter emerged more than two thousand years after Spirit gave on Mount Sinai the Ten Commandments and other precepts that governed life for the chosen people.

The most formidable difference is that the Law of Moses has a Discover source. The founder of Islam, however, did not have a Divine revelation. But why were the Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes offended? Why did the Pharisees and scribes, who were witnesses to the magnificent miracles performed by Jesus and knew the Scriptures better than anyone else, stubbornly refuse to recognize Christ?

Finally, one more question:

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The anarchist thinking is obvious; those who recognize its post-structuralist roots are, of course, correct. The statutes often described such conduct only in Latin or with oblique phrases such as "wickedness not to be named".

On June 26 the Supreme Court rules that states cannot ban same-sex marriage. Maulik Pancholy's sexuality wasn't a secret, but he did take the extra step of going on the record about it in November -- just in case someone out there wasn't clear. The Obergefell decision, by the way, enjoys wide popular support.

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