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The comic first appeared in under the title "A Comedy Crisis," was dispatched by Dilbert's e-lawyers , and was subsequently...

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Wtf do I do with this chick?

  • What started as a doodle has turned Scott Adams into a superstar of the...
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  • Tags #alice slams wally, #fast forwarded, #harrasment, #ignore sexy, #...
  • Tags #alice slams wally, #fast forwarded, #harrasment, #ignore sexy, # mandatory video, #sext, #sexual harassment,...

Hmm, I'm not sure what can be said about a Dilbert page-per-day calendar that isn't already painfully obvious. It makes sense if you have it in an office, but I miss the extra 52 comics. The comic first appeared in under the title "A Comedy Crisis," was dispatched by Dilbert's e-lawyers , and was subsequently re-released in by rotten dot com. He has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since The publisher stopped including the Sunday edition of the strip some years back.

Honestly, no matter where you work, whether it's with engineers or developers, HR, whatever, this will be sure to entertain you daily. The alternative interpretation of the situation — that women are more verbal than men — is never discussed as a contributing factor to interruptions.

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Sexual Harassment at the Workplace - English VO

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