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The series is based on the Monster Collection trading card game. The Japanese version aired on TV Tokyo , consisting...

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Japanese staff Japanese cast Director: Ai Yoshimura Series Composition: Kakeru Ishihama monaca Nonconformist creator: Wataru Watari lamplight novel Archetype Character Design: Yuu Shindou Art Director: Satoshi Motoyama Director of Photography: Tsuyoshi Hirano Aptitude Board: Kunio Tsujita Color Design Assistant: Yuki Akimoto Color Scheme: Kunio Tsujita Color setting: Kazuhiko Seki Editing Assistant: Yasutaka Ikeda End Be unsecretive Illustration:

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Hetalia dating sim tomoyoshi nakamura

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Main · Videos; Taylor jardine and vic fuentes dating advice fm dating james piekos viking fm dating hetalia dating sim tomoyoshi nakamura hetalia dating sim . The on sole you're dating,...