Hairy black women - Woman Gets Weird ‘Black Hairy Tongue’ after Her Legs Were Crushed in Car Crash

Yasir Hamad heard that a patient's tongue had turned black, he decided he needed to see it for himself. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. Tech Innovate Gadget...

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  • A woman developed a case of "hairy black tongue" when she took antibiotics for an infection,...
  • A woman in the U.S. developed a “black hairy tongue” after a car crash in which she severely injured...
  • A woman in the U.

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Hamad's patient, a year-old woman, had received an antibiotic called minocycline to deal with an wound infection after a motor vehicle accident, according to his report.

Don't miss that part of the body when you're examining the patient. Black hairy tongue is an uncommon and harmless side effect of some drugs, but it can also be linked to smoking, poor oral hygiene and certain medical conditions.

Black hairy tongue is usually reversible and has no long-term sequelae as long as the precipitating agent is discontinued and the patient practices good oral hygiene. While it can be alarming, the condition is completely benign and normally clears up with good oral hygiene and eliminating any potential causes—such as antibiotics.

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Hairy black women

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A woman treated with antibiotics after a car crash developed a rare case of 'black hairy tongue,' according to the New England Journal of. A woman...